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Every girls needs a party dress or two, and ours don't disappoint. Our dresses are full of character and interest appeal.  It may feel like a fairy tale, but it's all real. Hand made dresses from beautiful fabrics and prints. These memories are forever.

Recycled PL Fabric

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For fall 21 we introduced new brands Like FLO and NOLO into our online store.  These brands design out of Europe and manufacture out of China.  The styles are contemporary, well made and economically priced.   Of particular focus is the use of recycled PL fabric (rPET). This soft yet durable fabric is a more sustainable option than its conventional counterpart. Use of recycled PL fabric, while not new, has gained momentum. The quality and touch of the fabric is really quite a surprise. The fabrics are silky soft to the touch, lightweight, breathable, durable and easily maintained.  Its shown that using recycled PL (rPET) saves energy by as much as 60% compared to the process of making virgin polyester, and it generates 70% less CO2 emissions. Is it sustainable? Yes, but there's still progress to be made. For sure using recycled PL (rPET) fabric is better for the environment than the virgin version.