About Us


Like many retailers, in order to remain relevant to our clientele, we've had to make changes in how and what we market. We acknowledge that our clientele, parents and kids, are consciously aware of the current times and circumstances, and this, for us, translates to the economics of fashion and what you'll wear and willing to spend. So with this in mind we've sourced our some stylish designs that we feel will allow a young girl to explore and create her own style with pieces that can be mixed and interchanged to create a casual or dressed looks. Both NOLO and Like FLO are economically priced collections that are well made using quality cotton and polyester fabrics. Several designs are made with fabric from recycled PL. Polyester from recycled PL dramatically lowers its environmental impact versus traditional polyester. This soft yet durable fabric is a more sustainable option than its conventional counterpart. So either way, she'll be contributing to sustainability while being comfortable and confident in her look.

We will continue to design and hand make our own one-of-a-kind, high quality finished girl's clothing here in North America using the highest quality fabrics from all over the world, including here in America. Alivia Simone delivers lifestyle clothing with hand made details and finishing, …filled with energy, boundless color, and a chic, sophisticated youthful edge. We utilize fabrics, textures, colors and prints that inspire a girl's creativity and curiosity. Touch and feel are key, for what you see is what they feel … beautiful.

We are dedicated to supporting self-respect, self-confidence and self-empowerment of girls everywhere. We also believe dressing well at an early age is key to self awareness and individual style. Everyone can dress up, but not everyone can dress well, so guide her while she's young. Things done well later in life, started early in life.

Proper fit is crucial, so our designs are structured and couture finished for a beautiful and complimenting fit. Our collections are limited in quantity to ensure quality. We work with only the very best expert seamstresses who understand our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our attention to detail ensures consistent quality throughout the entire creation process. Our dresses are so well made you have to pass them down or pass them along, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

Our promise to you, 100% customer satisfaction, with a seamless buying experience and hassle free returns, if needed.


Alivia Simone ...Because They're Beautiful!